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About Student Artist Honda KuroMale/Japan Group :iconitapan-cuteness: ItaPan-CUTENESS
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Soul Eater
Black Butler

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Player one
--->Player two


Warning: This file is corrupted! Danger! Danger! It is advised that you should not proceed with this game.

Ok, I don't want to risk further damage
--->What the hell? Continue


-shuts down-

-starts back up-

ERROR: Unknown......


Something is over loading the game....


/*evil chuckle*/ To late.....

.....Welcome to the world I call.....



=Face Calm=

Haruma Miura

His face claim being weird

=Voice Claim=


Miyano Mamoru

Talking in English~>

J. Michael Tatum

(The fox with white hair aka Tomoe)

Talking in Japanese~>

Haruma Miura

(Yes I used him twice because he just fits so well ouo)


2pJapan's Profile Picture
Honda Kuro
Artist | Student

Secondary Representative of the Small Island Nation of Japan

Human Name~> Honda Kuro (Kuro Honda)Name Meaning~> Black Nation~> Japan/Nihon-koku Player~> 2nd Gender~> Male Physical Age~> 24 Birthday~> February 11 Sexual Orientation~> Pansexual, Romantic Relationship Status~> Taken Hair~> Really dark red, almost black Eyes~> Lust~ (a rich shade of red) Height~> 5' 5" to 5' 6"

Kind, Mysterious, Clever, mean, sadistic, seductive (more or less), naïve, smart, strange, emotionless (some times), cunning, understanding, possessive, selfless, brave (most of the time), aggressive, vigilant, strong, prideful
Kuro wears a very dark blue uniform with a dark purple cape that has the yellow Imperial Chrysanthemum Emblem (菊の御紋) His eyes are small (like a serious guy anime character), lust colored, with a hint of bright red around his pupil. He always wears gloves, when in uniform they're white and out of uniform he'll wear either white or black.

Kuro dislikes to be called Kiku.....
He hates it when people assume that his name is the same as his 1p counterpart or one assumes that he IS Kiku. One should be very wise and wary of this one little fact, he only gives those who have just meet him a pass, but if an individual knows him personally, purposely doing this to annoy him, he will not hesitate to give them a very harsh warning.

He went to speech therapy so he does not have an accent present, but it will become evident if he is very nervous, which would also result in him acting like his counterpart for a few seconds, being caught off guard. He is very much amused by most peoples' misfortune and pain and will chuckle at it. Kuro can hold his alcohol so it's hard to get him drunk, but will say "I feel drunk off my ass-"when in reality is is the opposite..

He will often say "That doesn't affect me" or "That doesn't hurt" this is because it doesn't affect/hurt him, due to his high tolerance to pain.

Kuro has a snake tattoo wrapping around his left arm with the tail ending on his left shoulder blade, the head being on his left hand. The other tattoo kind of looks like a demon seal from Black Butler on his right hand. He might have one on his right foot that he doesn't let anyone find out whether it's there of not unless he really likes/trust the individual.

Sometimes Kuro will be an extreme tease and a flirt but he doesn't realize it untill someone tells him he is. He also has a strong bloodlust all the time but he has the will power to control it till you piss him off. With that being said, he is also sadistic when it comes to hurting people, half the time he'll take it slow hurting someone so it
brings more joy to him coughcoughandhurtingpeopleisafetishcoughcough

((I own no-thing-picture-video on this page but my deviations
Thank you to Ekitai-Akai-Rubi for doing the coding though I did edit it a little More like half of it sawwy

Please go watch my good friends Ekitai-Akai-Rubi R-Dash5000))

Matching icon with~> Ekitai-Akai-Rubi
"You mean the world to me. If it was not for you I would be lost. I know I might sound cheesy saying that but it's the truth."
Together we're imperfect, but together we are more than perfect.
Hello everyone!
I have taken an unexpected Hiatus because I honestly have been forgetting about this account.
I will try to be more active if I remember too be.
Also I will be cleaning out my inbox, that means responding to some things and deleting old responses that I don't remember what happened or they have been there for way too long and don't need to be responded too because it's not relevant (I am pretty sure I still have a Halloween response from last year still there OTL).

I want to tell you all that I am sorry for not responding and the inactivity, I really am.

And I might sound different to people whom have being watching me since the beginning but it's still me, Clover, I have just matured and learned how to be more "proper" over the years XP but it's still me!

Bye for now! *0*/?


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