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Admin says.....

This is an RP and ASK account

No haters

No dissing my friends (couple of them :icon2pnyojapan: :iconi-am-2pengland: and :icon2p-fem-italy:)

Be nice to everyone by everyone I mean EVERYONE I don't care if you to got in a fight in real life or here on D.A. just do fight somewhere else (I don't like getting spammed coughcoughsakicoughcough) not trying to be rude just me no like spam

I'm dyslexic So please forgive me for misspell

Ohh I get mad easily so don't try and get me mad you'll regret it

Hurt my friends I hurt you >:3 (I get mad easily remember)

I will RP with anyone just be mature about everything especially history

I'm getting used to his character....and this is how I see him if you no likey then oh well I guess.........I RP him on Skype with my friends :icon2pnyojapan: :iconi-am-2pengland: :icon2p-fem-italy: are 3 of them

I'm doing this to get used to being him (I'm going to cosplay him)

I am also a beginner at drawing be gentle please ^^'


Axis Powers
:icon2pjapan: <2p!Italy> <2p Germany>
Cupcake Trio
:iconi-am-2pengland: :icon2p-fem-italy: :icon2pjapan:

========= Pairing I ship with Japan=========



Japcest (any of them)

(1px2p Male)

(2p!Malex2p!Fem this one is more a fluff pairing than anything else)


Romano x Japan

------more to be added later-------


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2pJapan's Profile Picture
Honda Kuro
Artist | Student
Name: Honda Kuro (Kuro Honda)
Nation: Japan
Gender: Male
Age: Looks to be 24
Birthday: February 11
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Hair: Really dark red, almost black (Mistaken for Black or dark brown)
Eyes: Lust (a rich shade of red)
Personality: Kind, Mysterious, Clever, mean, sadistic, seductive (more or less), na´ve, smart, strange, emotionless (some times), cunning, understanding, possessive, selfless, brave (most of the time), aggressive, vigilant, strong, prideful
Appearance: Kuro wears a very dark blue uniform (mistaken for black a lot) with a dark purple cape that has a yellow flower like design on it. His eyes are small (like a serious guy anime character), lust colored, with a hint of bright red around his pupil. He always wears white gloves with his uniform even when he's not in uniform he wears gloves (usually black or white). When he's in a war or battle or on duty (for something IDK) he wears a hat like the one below.

Kuro does NOT liked to be called Kiku.....He hates it when people assume that his name is the same as his 1p/brother's or people think he IS Kiku. If you value your life please call him Kuro but he won't hurt you if that was your first time calling him that, but if the same person does it again and again and on purpose he will lose it.

He went to speech therapy so he doesn't have an accent. Sometimes if you get him nervous enough he will start to act like 1p!Japan and his accent will come out.

He is calm when he's not mad and will chuckle when he finds something amusing, like some one trips or falls on their butt.

He has a soft side for his brother, Kiku, so the only time he will be calmer than usual is when Kiku is around.
He will do anything to protect the people he cares about (examples: Kiku, Sakura, the Italy siblings, the China siblings, his female counter part, and surprisingly the Germany siblings sometimes =7= )

Kuro can hold his alcohol so it's hard to get him drunk, but he will say he feel's drunk off his ass but he never is, he just feel's like it.

He will often say "That doesn't affect me" or "That doesn't hurt" this is because it doesn't affect/hurt him, or when he feels like annoying you.

He also has a small soft spot for China.
I'm leaving to go on Hiatus
I'll come back in a week or two (maybe longer if I forget about dA which might not be possible)
But right now I'm in a ruff patch.....
I cried my self to sleep last night.....
I need a break from the sadness on here (I always end up watching almost non-happy people)
But anyway.
Onces I'm fine I'll come back.

But I also have low muse.

That's all.

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Where-the-Sun--Rises Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah.. Arigato for the watch, Kuro-san.
// bows politely

(( Thank you! You have a nice account ^^ ))
(1 Reply)
{ Alrighty~ Here you go~ The setting takes place during the World War, I am using my 2P Amelia, and it takes place during the Bataan Death March }

1942, Philippians...
Gusts of wind force the rain to come down even harder than necessary, the tropical trees sway in a forced dance; gasps for air are barely heard being swallowed up by the raging storm. Foot prints sink into the mud, the young American panted heavily as she slips in the mud. Her mangled mahogany locks bounced off the woman's shoulders. Amelia glances over her shoulder with widened eyes, she could hear the dogs barking loudly and the voices talking to one another in Japanese. God, she hated war it tore friends apart, made enemies out of her and Kuro.

Amelia had been captured by the second player of Japan along with many of the American soldiers, while Alicia her player one was off fighting the rest of the war. Amelia was forced into imprisonment, and there was talk of her being made a comfort woman for the Japanese soldiers. And the thought terrified her, under the cover of night Amelia decided to flee. To make an attempt to flee the Bataan Death March, to flee imprisonment of japan.

 Her face paled with terror as she flees through the forests of Philippians; two ruby gems were dilated as she constantly glanced over her shoulders, trying to make sure she was evading the Japanese soldiers and the tracking dogs. Her feet took her swiftly through the forest. Leaping over a fallen log she slides down the hill with freshly fallen leaves clinging to the muddy earth floor, she then lets herself roll down to the lower mountain pass. She lets out an Oof as she lands on the earth's floor, she pulls herself up and glances up to see if the dogs were near.

Pulling herself up  Amelia darts further into the forest desperately trying to evade them, her feet were running at a pace she felt like she was flying, her wild and unkempt curls were now behind her in the breeze from her momentum. She makes a sharp right turn and begins to head up the mountain once more, the pass becoming increasingly narrow the further she went up it. She trips over a broken tree; she tumbles down the hill, her body crashing into rocks and bushes.

She lands harshly on the ground below; she cries out in pain her chest heaves as she coughs violently. She hears the howls of the dogs coming ever so closer; despite the pain coursing through her body she pushes herself up from the cold earth floor. Tears trickle down her cheeks as she gets to her feet; she bites her lower lip a shot of pain races up her leg from her ankle. She limps as fast as she can as she tries to evade the men and dogs that pursue her, fear swirls around in her eyes she places her hand on the bark of a tree. She rests against it as she tries to hide as best she can; she had to get away if she did not she would surely die.

Or worse, she would be tortured once again by the Japanese or even Kuro himself, Amelia closes her scarlet eyes for a second. Slowly she leans out to peer behind the tree and a harsh breath parts from her lips to see if the soldiers with their tracker dogs picked up her trail. The dogs were now at the top of hill sniffing for her scent; the storm was now beginning to play in her favor. She thanked the lord before pushing herself off the tree and staggering farther and farther away, allowing the rain to cloak her in a cold embrace. She holds the side of her arm as she stares down at the muddy  floor before her feet; she shivers slightly.

Her tears freeze and crystallize on her face. "W-When... When will this... end?" She whispers, her lips slowly begin to become chap, she exhales she looks over her shoulder once again taking in the sight of the Japanese soldiers off in the distance talking about where she could have gone. Heartache consumes her now; along with many, many questions. She lifts her head and looks to the cloudy sky, her  ruby eyes close as she stands there for a brief moment. "I hate... war...." She breathes, her eyes reopen as she presses forward despite the pain she felt in her leg.

Suddenly a thunderous like boom comes from behind, Amelia's head whips around and her eyes grow suddenly....
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Bimmi1111 Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for faving my Pikachu photos Pikachu gasp Plz 
(1 Reply)
R-Dash5000 Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
(1 Reply)
i-mmoral Feb 15, 2014  New member

"Konnichiwa~." Kaito's lips spread into a grin, then he paused for a moment before introducing himself, "I am Honda Kaito, second player of Japan. And who might you be~?" He asked Kuro.

((Hello there. o7o))

(1 Reply)
thanks for the watch :D
(1 Reply)
KatanaLovingGerman Feb 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey Kuro, I have moderately severe hearing loss
(1 Reply)
*Marian quietly goes to Kuro's house*
*slides a present and a piece of cake near the door*
.....O-Okay...all is left is to...
~ding dong~
*scurries behind a tree and watches for the door to open*
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Hidden by Owner
(1 Reply)
LovinoAnd-Adrino Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Ciao...Kiku, you look different." Lovino said, raising an eyebrow at him as he looked practically identical to the Japan in his world.
(1 Reply)
R-Dash5000 Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Making your icon! I hope you like it when i'm done x)
(1 Reply)
Hetalia-Antartica Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
hey Kuro, how's it going?
R-Dash5000 Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yea
happy birthday :D
(2 Replies)
(( Herro. /hugs
I'll probably be back on hiatus by the time you find this but just wanted too drop in and say hi to one of my good friends. Hope everything is all good. Take care. <3 ))
(1 Reply)
R-Dash5000 Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(1 Reply)
(1 Reply)



*peeks from behind a door*


I'm sorry for bothering you. Um...

What are--- *looks at a word written on her hand*

Mee-tah-rah-shee dahn-gohs? (Mitarashi Dangos)

(1 Reply)
R-Dash5000 Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(1 Reply)
/Quick question! If someone were to make an account that is slightly based off Hetalia, is it still considered an OC if they're a State and not a country???
(1 Reply)
/ give her a moment
/ starts screaming
/ runs up to Kuro
/ referring to Italy
(1 Reply)
Hello Mr. Kuro! :D Its lovely to see you!
(1 Reply)
(( Psst
How does
sound for Mizore- ))
(1 Reply)
Fiction-Junkie Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
/Quick question: What do you consider a well-develpoed OC?
(1 Reply)
B-Rabit Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(2 Replies)
KikotheKutie Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hello Kuro.
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